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Sheet Metal Roofing Services in Whitehorse

Sky High Roofing can help you with sheet metal roofing services in Whitehorse. Sheet metal roofs not only have aesthetic value but are also environment-friendly. One of the major aspects of this type of roofing is they require very little maintenance. We offer an array of steel roofs in a variety of colours and styles. We cater to industrial, commercial and residential clients in Yukon and northern British Columbia.

Personalize Your Roof

As sheet metal roofs are available in a variety of colours and styles, they can be used to complement any property. Another important feature is you can paint them as per your liking. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential applications, a steel roof is a versatile product and is extremely durable. Furthermore, the strength and durability create a defensive barrier from hail and fire.

Contact us for sheet metal roof installation and repair services!

Sheet Metal Roofing

Customize your roofs with durable and environment-friendly steel roofs.

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